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What is the L-Carnitine

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  What is the L - carnitine? For L - carnitine may be a lot of people don't know, here is the introduction to it:

  L-carnitine (L - carnitine), also known as L - carnitine or transliteration carnitine, is a kind of get the kind of amino acid fat into energy, red meat is the main source of l-carnitine, non-toxic side effects to the human body. Different types of diet already contains 5-100 mg of l-carnitine, but the average person can only from dietary intake of 50 mg per day, vegetarians eat less. The main physiological function of l-carnitine is to promote fat into energy, and taking l-carnitine can at the same time of reducing body fat, reduce weight, reducing water and muscle in 2003 by the international obesity health organization identified as the most safe without side effects of weight loss supplements.

  L - carnitine is a kind of vitamin nutrients, and named it vitamin Bt. As a matter of fact, alkali chemical structure similar to that of choline, close to amino acids; In addition, due to some animals can be synthesized from itself to meet the needs of carnitine, so don't think carnitine is vitamin, but is still referred to as vitamin BT habits.

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