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The effect of silicon nitride

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  Silicon nitride is a kind of important structure ceramic materials. It is a kind of super hard material, itself has the lubrication, and wear resistance, as the atomic crystal; When high temperature oxidation resistance. And it also can resist cold and hot shock, in air heated to above 1000 ℃, a sharp cooling heating sharply again, also won't fracture. It is because of silicon nitride ceramics with such excellent properties, people often use it to manufacture bearings, steam turbine blades, mechanical seal, mechanical components, such as permanent mould. If use high temperature resistant and not easily heat transfer of silicon nitride ceramic to make engine parts of heating surface, can not only improve the quality of diesel engine, save fuel, but also can improve the thermal efficiency. In our country and the United States, Japan and other countries have developed this kind of diesel engine.

  Silicon nitride used as high-grade refractory materials, such as combined with sic for SI3N4 - sic refractory used for blast furnace body and other parts; If combined with BN for SI3N4 - BN materials, used for separation of horizontal continuous casting. SI3N4 - BN separation of horizontal continuous casting ring ceramic material is a kind of fine structure, uniform structure, high mechanical strength. Good heat resistance to impact, and will not be molten steel wet, conform to the requirements of the continuous casting process.

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