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What is the Aluminum-Nitride

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  Aluminum nitride is covalent bond compound, belongs to the hexagonal system, lead-zinc mine type of crystal structure, with a white or grey.

  AlN is atomic crystal, diamond-like nitrides, maximum stability to 2200 ℃. High strength at room temperature, and the intensity with the rise of temperature drop slowly. Good thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient is small, is a good material to heat shock. Of molten metal erosion resistance is strong, is the crucible of the ideal of pure iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy casting materials. Aluminum nitride or electrical insulation, good dielectric properties, used for electrical components are also very promising. Aluminum nitride coating on the surface of the gallium arsenide, to protect it from ion injection during annealing. Aluminum nitride is composed of hexagonal boron nitride into cubic boron nitride catalysts. Slow reaction with water at room temperature. Can be made of aluminium powder 800 ~ 1000 ℃ in ammonia or nitrogen atmosphere synthesis, product is white to pale blue powder. Or by Al2O3 - C - N2 system was synthesized in 1600 ~ 1750 ℃, the product of gray powder. Or aluminium chloride and ammonia bullishness of the opposite system. The coating can be made of AlCl3 - NH3 system synthesis by vapor deposition method.

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