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What is a Betaine Hcl pharmacological effects

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  Since the 19th century, beets, like sugar cane at first was used to extract the sugar, use people later a compound found in sugar beet can have very good cleaning effect, and do not harm the skin, very safe, was named the betaine, modem is used to clean class to protect skin to taste is safe and effective.

  Betaine is a kind of alkaloid, has strong moisture absorption performance, so in the process often use an anti-caking agent, its molecular structure, application effect and natural betaine has no obvious difference, belongs to the chemical synthesis of natural equivalent.

  Betaine pharmacological effects:

  1. Resistance to fatty liver disease: long-term (75 days) of rats oral, can increase the level of phospholipid in the blood and liver; Beforehand, or to take the goods at the same time of rats caused by carbon tetrachloride liver lecithin, total cholesterol content in reducing, and improved; For BSP, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, cholinesterase transcripts test have been changed. Chinese wolfberry - on the lipid metabolism or the role of fatty liver, mainly because it contains betaine, which ACTS as methyl supply body in the body.

  2. Buck: for anesthesia animals have mild antihypertensive effect, but the hypertension is invalid.

  3. Antitumor: medicine with D - different compatibility of ascorbic acid, inhibit sarcoma in vitro 37 cancerous tumors, airy and lymphoid leukemia L1210 mitosis (LE), action is stronger than alone.

  4. The other: the aluminum chloride salt had antiulcer effect and treatment of gastritis, promote wound healing. There are stop sweat and to taste, and so on.

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