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The role and application of the glycolic acid

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  Glycolic acid is a colorless deliquescent crystals. Soluble in water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in ether, insoluble in hydrocarbons. The dualism of both alcohol and acid, decompose when heated to boiling point. Used in organic synthesis, etc. Are usually made of chloroacetic acid in alkaline hydrolysis conditions.

  The role of glycolic acid and use:

  1, chemical cleaning: glycolic acid solution is mainly used as detergent, 70% 2% of glycolic acid and 1% formic acid mixed acid is a kind of high efficiency, low cost of cleaning agents, can be used for air conditioning, boilers, power plant pipelines, condensers, heat exchangers and other major cleaning materials.

  2, biodegradable materials, widely used in the preparation of the body preparetions slow-release drug system, preparetions repair equipment, biological absorption surgical sutures, materials for artificial bones and organs, etc., has a development prospect very much. Polylactic acid and poly (glycolic acid has become a development focus in the field of new materials.

  3, fungicides, because of the special structure of glycolic acid containing hydroxyl and carboxyl, can be formed through coordination bond between the metallic cations hydrophilic chelate, therefore on iron oxidizing bacteria growth has obvious inhibitory effect, can be used as a disinfectant, can also be used in a variety of ore flotation inhibitor.

  4, daily chemicals: 99% glycolic acid is a better curative effect to remove dead skin and hair potions, can synthesize resist skin aging, whitening cosmetics raw fruit acid, can achieve the effect of moisturizing, nourish skin, promote the skin update. Glycolic acid molecular weight is very small, it can penetrate the skin pores, effectively in a short period of time to solve the skin aging, wrinkles, spots, acne problems, therefore unanimous esteem by medical hairdressing industry.

  5, plating surface treatment: glycolic acid can also be used in electroplating industry, glycolic acid sodium salt, potassium can be used as electroplating additives, also can be electroplated grinding, metal pickling, leather dyeing and tanning agents of green chemical raw materials. Glycolic acid complexing agent and chemical nickel plating, corrosion resistance, and the advantages of quick response, good finish, is the best to improve the quality of chemical nickel plating dispensing materials.

  In addition, glycolic acid can be used for dyeing wool fibre in textile industry and cellulose fabrics crosslinking coupling agent or crosslinking catalyst containing carboxyl fibre fabric; Also can be used as bonding agent, oil demulsifier, welding agent and coating ingredients and the synthesis of medicine, pesticide and chemical fertilizer, etc.

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