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The application of Nanometer zinc oxide have

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  Nano zinc oxide (ZnO) particle size between 1-100 nm, is a high-end high function fine inorganic products, show many special properties, such as the migration, fluorescent, piezoelectric, absorption and scattering ultraviolet ability, etc., using the optical, electrical, magnetic, sensitive to the wonderful performance of the respect such as, can make gas sensor, phosphor, rheostat, uv shielding materials, image recording materials, piezoelectric materials, varistor, efficient catalyst, magnetic materials, plastic film, etc. Microscopic changes a lot of people can't see the excellent properties of nanometer materials, through the practice, now nano zinc oxide in rubber and other fields for its excellent performance of more and more widely used.

  Nanometer zinc oxide is a kind of versatility of new inorganic material, the particle size of about 1 ~ 100 nm. Due to the grain fine, the surface electronic structure and crystal structure changes, the macroscopic object does not have the surface effect, volume effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunnel effect, and high transparency, high dispersion, etc. In recent years, found it in the aspects such as catalysis, optics, magnetics, mechanics, show many special features that make it in ceramic industry, chemical industry, electronics, optics, biology, medicine and many other fields have important application value, cannot compare with ordinary zinc oxide particularity and USES. Nano zinc oxide in textile, dope, etc can be used for uv shielding materials, antibacterial agent, fluorescent material, photocatalytic materials. Due to nano zinc oxide series of excellent and very attractive application prospect, so r&d nanometer zinc oxide has become the focus of many science and technology personnel.

  Nanometer zinc oxide is used to produce far infrared reflection of the fiber material, commonly known as far-infrared ceramic powder. And the far infrared reflection function fiber is emit heat by absorbing the human body, and to a certain wavelength range of radiation far infrared ray of human body, in addition to can make human body blood flow increased in the subcutaneous tissue, promote the blood circulation, can also be covered infrared, reduce heat loss, therefore fiber is relatively general heat insulation.

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