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What are the USES of nano silver powder

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  What are the USES of nano silver powder? Nanometer silver powder is hard to see in our life, but is commonly used in the industry, nano nano silver powder have what use? Here is introduced:

  1, conductive paste: preparation of microelectronic components in the production of wiring, encapsulation, connection, such as electronic pastes, the miniaturization of microelectronic device and circuit ultra-micronization model.the.

  Electronics industry is important raw material of conductive coating. Domestic research institutions using nanometer silver powder instead of micron silver powder made from a conductive paste, can save 30% silver. Due to the melting point of nanoparticles is usually lower than solid material, such as silver is about 900 ℃, melting point and nanometer silver powder can be reduced to 100 ℃, melting point, therefore made conductive nano silver paste can be sintered at low temperatures, even in low temperature materials such as plastic substrate.

  2, antibacterial, antivirus, various additives in the paper, plastics, textiles for anti-bacterial anti-virus. About 0.1% of nano layered nano-silver inorganic antibacterial powder on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and other dozens of pathogenic microorganism has strong inhibition and killing effect. As a new anti-infection products, it has a broad spectrum, no drug resistance, is not affected by ph and antibacterial durable, not black oxide and other performance. Could be successfully used in construction, the protection of cultural relics, medical products.

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