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What are the advantages of Betaine Hcl to human body

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  Betaine Hcl is a kind of alkaloid, has strong moisture absorption performance, so in the process often use an anti-caking agent, its molecular structure, application effect and natural betaine has no obvious difference, belongs to the chemical synthesis of natural equivalent.

  Since the 19th century, beets, like sugar cane at first was used to extract the sugar, use people later a compound found in sugar beet can have very good cleaning effect, and do not harm the skin, very safe, was named the betaine, modem is used to clean class to protect skin to taste is safe and effective.

  Betaine Hcl can antitumor, fall blood pressure, anti peptic ulcer and gastric bowel dysfunction, treatment of liver diseases. As a feed additive has the function of providing methyl donor, can save methionine. Regulating osmotic pressure, moderate stress, promote fat metabolism and protein synthesis, improve the function of the lean, and can enhance the curative effect of a coccidoistat. Used as attractant in aquatic animal feed.

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